Buffalo Mountain Yurts Welcome  in the new year 2014!!  
Another year for adventure with yurts

Buffalo Mtn. Yurts is a family owned business making  yurts for almost 7 years. We have learned from trial and error with our yurts and will continue to listen to our customers for any suggestions on improvements to our yurts design.

Buffalo Mtn. Yurts can be an all season get away for anyone to enjoy. Wood stoves can be installed or use propane or natural gas heat for ease of use.

BMY is always trying

to save you $$

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   Our yurts come with windows!

Storm windows are included on all our yurts, at no extra cost –  storm window sizes are 28”,32”& 36”.  Windows have sliding glass panels and a screen so you can open it from the inside! The inside has an attractive wooden trim case. The yurt comes with a frame in the lattice for you to install regular house frame windows with the storm windows.

BMY NEW Windows

Yurts are becoming more known to people since they offer a great alternative type of living environment. More relaxed and back to nature with the comforts of a cabin or home.

Lets think spring!!
BMY has got some 
Great deals for you!! Yurt –  Cross between a cabin and a tent with comfort of a cabin!
Be a part of the yurt lifestyle Stay tuned in with my Blog:
My experience living in a 20ft yurt
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